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The foundational information provides the infrastructure to build the understanding of your recovery.

Introduction to Balance

Foundation: Understanding what Balance is, how it affects the brain and why it becomes stressful.

Mind-Body Connection

Foundation: A modified Window of Tolerance and how the can help us understand a holistic approach

Whole Body Approach

Build: A systems apparoch to addressing your wellbeing: sleep, mind-body connection, the impact of food & drink and more


Build: the concept of recovery and your support network.

After I was ranked World Number 3 for Deaf Women at 16 years old in 1997, I could barely lift my head off the mattress or get up the stairs. I accepted the last resort treatment of ototoxic antibiotics for bilateral Meniere's disease. I was told I would have to learn to walk again and would not swim again.

Child, Teen & Adult Vestibular Disorder Patient (3 diagnoses)

Physiotherapist, Counsellor, Researcher

1st GB Deaf Female English Channel Solo Female Swimmer (2021)

“Nothing Great is Easy.“

(Captain Webb - First English Channel Swimmer)

You’ve kept pushing yourself with vestibular therapy. Now try something different.

Vestibular therapy has its' place, and as a physiotherapist I will advocate its' use. As a counsellor and patient with vestibular disorders, I also strongly support the need for psychoeducation, or 'neuropsych-education'. Understanding how our brain works, normalises, destigmatises and de-shames our process. Then, we can begin to heal.

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