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Dizziness & Disorientation in the Therapy Space

2 hour workshop


Write Your Self

The Write Your Self method helps people reclaim their voices and stories after

experiencing trauma. Write Your Self Workshop available below, and 8 Session programme available shortly. 3.5 hour workshop £35

British Sign Language - Richmond

In-person course introduction to British Sign Language course in Richmondshire. An engaging, fun way to learn the basics and decide if this language is for you!

Upcoming Workshops and Waiting Lists Below

Dizziness & Disorientation in the Therapy Space

2 hour workshop - future bookings

Family Sign Language

In-Person Course - Richmondshire

Vestibular Recovery Journey

Coming soon - a holistic online course to support recovery journeys, with live, optional sessions.


Coming soon - Introduction to Mindfulness. Online (including BSL) and in-person in Richmondshire, UK.

“Communication is merely an exchange of information, but connection is an exchange of our humanity.”

– Sean Stephenson

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